Welcome to The Bus Stop! Vicki, your Chief Cuisine Slinger, has finally combined her love for transportation & cooking! For the last 20 years, Vicki has served 2 public school systems as Transportation Supervisor, aka School Bus Boss. She left this career to pursue dreams of being an entrepreneur. Before Vicki became a school bus driver in 1995, she worked in many local restaurants & taverns. During this time she learned many "tricks of the trade." For many years, as a single Mom to her 2 children, she drove a school bus and worked in one restaurant or another over the summers. Once promoted to Transportation Supervisor, she no longer had the time to keep a restaurant job. Vicki has always enjoyed cooking for family and friends, the only problem with this was she always cooked too much! After a short sabbatical from leaving the public school world, Vicki came to realize that her passion for both cooking and buses could be combined into one glorious venture....a Food Truck! Though our truck is not a school bus, it was once a charter bus for private affairs. 
 Each day, Vicki will create one of her family & friend approved specialties. These will include dishes such as Mexican Lasagne, Chicken & Pierogie, Parmesan Pork Chops, Cabbage & Noodles, just to name a few! The Bus stop will travel to various areas throughout Geauga County offering a hot homemade meal at a reasonable price! Keep your eye out for when The Bus Stop is in a parking lot near you, and walk over to order your meal!!!