Welcome! This is where you will get the information for your prepackaged, made fresh daily meals. These meals are frozen the day they are made. They are then stored for you until Tuesday, when you meet The Bus Stop at either Geauga Feed & Grain (10418 Kinsman Rd) or First Strike Shooting Range (12375 Kinsman).   We will be at Geauga Feed & Grain from 2pm-4pm. We will be at First Strike Shooting Range from 4:30pm-7pm. You must preorder your meals, minimum of 3, maximum 5 per person. You can take these meals directly from the freezer and put them in the microwave to heat up. Each meal will consist of a main entree & a side vegetable. You can add fresh bread to your weeks meals for an extra $3.  

This weeks Meals:

1.Chilli; made with beef & sausage, kidney & pinto beans...not too spicy

2.Spicy Chicken & Noodles; made with chicken breast, peppers, noodles... a bit spicy
3.Italian Chicken & rice... made with rice & Chicken thighs, not spicy
4.Lasagne.... beef, sausage, cheeses, sauce

3 meals $30               5 meals $45               add bread $3.

You may call in your order to 440-564-1144 

 OR order from the Homeroom Page.... Place an Order for Mama's Meals