Hello, Friends!

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Quick update on where we sling our Cuisine!

The Bus Stop has been up and running for 2 full months! We are thankful to have served many customers at several locations throughout Geauga County. We have been to Geauga Feed & Grain in Newbury, CCM Rentals in Chesterland, Carter Lumber in Middlefield, Geauga YMCA in Munson, and several other locations!

The Bus Stop was invited to feed several Jeepers during Jeepalooza in Willoughby, and we truly enjoyed seeing all the ways to modify a Jeep! 
The Bus Stop was the only vendor at The Observatory, Geauga Parks District in Montville for the Solar Eclipse. Because we were very busy feeding upwards of 200 people, (2500+ attended the event!), we did not have the opportunity to see the Eclipse, but were quite happy to have been involved. 
The Bus Stop has even travelled to Beachwood to feed the employees of Aleris & Progressive! We enjoy bringing a fresh meal to these locations and hope to return soon!

The Bus Stop was asked to cater private events for:

Caritas Financial, Chesterland 
RadioActive Electronics, Middlefield 
Ohio Guide Stones, Geauga JFS

The Bus Stop was invited to feed participants of: 
Maple Elementary, Chardon Supply Drop-off 
Maple Elementary, Chardon Teacher Work Day 
Tractor Supply, Middlefield Grand Re-Opening 
Auntie's Antique Mall, Troy Summer Sale 
Habitat for Humanity Restore Summer Sale 
Geauga County Historical Society Racoon Festival

And last, but certainly not least; The Bus Stop has been providing a quick breakfast break for all the workers of Donelly, Inc at NDCL who are building a new home for the retired NDCL Nuns.

We've made a few changes to some things on our truck. We got new tires, and remodeled the inside a bit. We have settled on our Sausage & Cheese providers so we can bring you fresh, local quality meats & cheese. We have decided that the Field Trip Cheese Plates weren't really that big of a seller. Unfortunately, we will be discontinuing these cheese plates beginning in September. With enough demand though, we would be happy to bring them back! We hope these changes will help to streamline your ordering and food delivery.

We have a few part time employees we can call on to help out at big events, or when there are many people at a location. Karen W has been added to the team as a very frequent order taker! 
This is a great achievement as we aren't always busy enough to support employees! The Bus Stop truly appreciates everyone who has lent their hand to get us off the ground! ( Josh V, Tiffany K, Denise P, Kelley J, Leah M) 
We would like to extend a HUGE THANK YOU to Adam G & Jon l who have gone on emergency supply runs when we were overwhelmed! 
Thank you to my son, Steven, who has helped me navigate online, and been a great encourager! 
Thank you to my long time friend, Nick P, who truly helped form the idea behind The Bus Stop, geauga County's Food Truck.

Big EVENTS coming!!

The Bus Stop will be at Woofstock on Sept 10, Chagrin Polo Fields

Auburn Township Bicentenial Picnic Sept. 23 
Auburn Park, Munn Rd

Fortress of Fear Haunted House, Fridays & Saturdays in October, Garrettsville

The Bus Stop has a website! You can find it at: 
If you place your order online while we are in your parking lot, we will have ready for you when you get to the window!! This is a new idea, so we hope it works! 
We hope you will continue to patronize us when you are hungry and looking for a good homemade meal,aka The Principal or a yummy sandwich!

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Customer of the Month

The Bus Stop truly appreciates our followers! Not only can you follow us on Facebook, or Twitter, but you can lilterally follow us to enjoy a wonderful meal! It's easy, just take your favorite transportation form, aka car, motorcyle, bicycle, or feet and follow us to a parking lot near you!! 
Our most frequent follower this time around is : 
Chris Gullian 
Chris has followed The Bus Stop on his Gator, Motorcycle, & his truck! He has let us feed him at least 7 times over the last 2 months!! We truly appreciate him & his daughter! 
Tiffany Lengel certainly deserves a mention here: 
Tiffany has visited The Bus Stop at least 4 times over the last 2 months! She even brings friends to introduce to us!! We appreciate Tiffany & everyone she allows us to feed!!

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Special Offer

Bring a friend with you the next time you grab lunch or dinner at The Bus Stop,(someone who hasn't let us feed them before), and mention this newsletter. You will be rewarded with a special surprise!!

I would like to personally thank each and every person who has stopped at The Bus Stop. This was a very new venture for me, and I am overwhelmed with your support. I know this was probably a very long newsletter, but I am proud to have been a part of each and every one of these days! I can't thank you enough for supporting me, and this crazy idea! Next newsletter won't be so long, promise!

Sincerely, Your Chief Cuisine Slinger, 

We look forward to feeding YOU soon! 
The Bus Stop, Geauga County's Food Truck